Responsible Investment
Sharing, environmentally- conscious, plant- based meat
Trend Setting
Improving corporate culture, employee benefits

Strategy Overview

Align the investment with broader objectives of society.

Improve ESG awareness and management
Incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis
Work together with portfolios to enhance the effectiveness in implementation

Implementation and Process

01ESG Working Group

  • Led by Partners with 5 members from 4 different key business and operation teams
  • Review investment projects around ESG issues and foster the implementation of ESG resolutions
  • Regular progress report to investors and partners

02ESG Policy

  • ESG Checklists in all three issues for investment analysis and assessment
  • Exclusion List
  • Post-investment ESG management to hold portfolios accountable
  • Encourage and help the portfolios on disclosure of ESG-related information

03ESG Research and Explore

  • Sky9 first ESG Whitepaper published in June 2020, including findings on ESG issues with VC characteristics in China market
  • Regular leadership and capability building with the team and portfolios.

Portfolio Examples

Food science and technologies comes as positive disrupters to the traditional agricultural industries.

Plant-based and cellular protein pioneers with their own R&D capacity and production in China aim to provide a nutritional solution with low carbon emission.

Kiki Wu

An enterprise level cloud service company.

By creating a reliable, flexible and affordable cloud platform, QingCloud provides companies in all sizes from a wide range of sectors with the possibilities of fast digital transformation solution.

Richard Huang

When AI begins to be usefully deployed in almost every industry, TuSimple does not stop at revolutionizing the trucking industry with AI technology.

It shapes the industry and well prepares the workers with skills and knowledges to share the benefits of change.


Why do we need to consider ESG issues and create social impact?