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Power of doing well by doing good

The Yunjiu team's exploration in the field of venture capital began at the beginning of this century. Looking back at the past two decades, the development of human society has reached an unprecedented speed: artificial intelligence, automation and information technology have improved people’s labor efficiency, agricultural technology and biopharmaceuticals have helped the world’s population further away from hunger and illness, while the Internet and mobile Technology and virtual reality have greatly enriched people's spiritual life and inspired more diverse cultural creations.

But at the same time, the 21st century has also become the fastest growing period of carbon dioxide emissions in human history. The continuous carbon emissions have caused increasingly frequent meteorological disasters; the times have created wealth creation myths, but privacy leaks, Unfair competition breeds in the shadows. While technological development is bridging the old gap, it has also given birth to a new confusion: material and spiritual life has been unprecedentedly rich, and is our world more robust or more fragile? In addition to the increase and optimization of goods, tools and information, Technology is still reshaping the body, brain and mind, so how should we re-examine the nature and value of human nature?

We believe that the process of social evolution is the process of seeking answers to existing questions and asking new questions. In our field, we use the investment method to deduce this kind of solution and questioning. For a long time, Yunjiu Capital believes that venture capital is based on the framework of long-termism, exploring opportunities, controlling risks, and rewarding hard work; and only in a healthy natural and social environment, "long-term" is a proposition that can be discussed.

We want to be the capital of thinking and humanity. The power of technology and innovation is the soil to nourish the world forever.

Why do we need to consider ESG issues and create social impact?

ESG strategy with Venture Capital characteristics in China’s context

  • A new public-private collaborating model in the China market
  • A new dimension of investment assessment: Return and 
Risk Management + ESG

We invest in humanity.

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